Fisheries around Karystos and the Cavodoro Straits

The numerous beaches and islets distributed around the bay of Karystos and the Cavodoro are the joy of any amateur angler. Rod fishing from the shore, hand lining from a boat, underwater fishing or with amateur long line etc

There is a great variety of fish: dentex, pandora, perch, bogue, saddled seabream, striped sea bream, white seabream, gilthead seabream, grouper etc

In the area you will find specialized shops that can supply you with any type of bait or equipment and can advise you on the adequate fishing points or even put together a fishing plan for you.

Here is some information about various fisheries:

Shore fishing from the beaches of Katsouli, Mnima, Agia Paraskevi.

Nearby beaches in the bay of Karystos. Usually remote. You can enjoy rod or line fishing from the shore and catch gilthead seabream, striped seabream, and large saddled seabream. Suggested bait (bait worms):Amerikanos, Akrovatis, Mana, Monodoli.

See access guide and detailed description on Mnima, Katsouli and Agia Paraskevi beaches.

Shore fishing on Agioi, Avlakia, Platis Gialos beaches. These beaches are located on the Cavodoro Straits. Here you can catch gilthead seabream and white seabream. Suggested bait (bait worms): Pharaoh, Amerikanos, Monodoli and Kordela. See access guide and detailed description on Agioi, Avlakia and Platis Gialos beaches.

Boat fishing with hand line from the island of Agia Pelagia. Agia Pelagia island. About 100 meters east from the island of Agia Pelagia, at a depth of 20-25m you can catch large bream, perch, sea bass, bogue etc. Suggested bait: Shrimp and Akrovatis. Boat fishing with hand line off the coast of Spitha beach at a depth of 80-85m. You can catch pandora, sea bass etc. Suggested bait: Shrimp, crayfish, Akrovatis.

See access guide and detailed description on Spitha beach.

See all the beaches of Karystos and the Cavodoro

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