The cave (spelaio) of Agia Triada in Karystos.

Greece is a small paradise for the speleologists. Evia particularly, is one of the richest areas regarding the existance of caves.

South Evia , also has  many caves. The most imppressive one is the Cave of Agia Triada in Karystos. The routes within it provide a unique experinece to the visitor. It includes  rich combinations of different kind of horizontal and vertical forms as well as sifons




The first systematic explorations of the Cave began in 1982 and have been continued ever since. The last mission, that took place in 2004, reached a depth of 3.150m

The certain route includes impressive underground scenes, with deep chasms, great chambers that accommodate a great number of bats, narrow passages (either horizontal either vertical ones). Moreover an underground river is running out the cave, producing places that  waters are calm while other parts  have been inundated by waters creating deep lagoons as well as a series of magnifisent waterfalls. The sound of falling water accompanying the visitor even at the dry parts of the Cave



Additionally the Cave of Agia Triada has an archeological interest


However, it is a dangerous Cave and is not accessible to the public. In order to visit the Cave someone has to be trained and experienced and to carry with him/her the appropriate equipment


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