Floating between Euboean Gulf and Aegean Sea

Marmari: refuge to relaxation

Marmari is located in the southern part of Evia island and it is "breath takingly" close to Athens as it is one hour away from the Rafina port and the newly built airport of Spata.

Here lies a creative, sensitive, untamed world. Fishermen and farmers dance together to the rhythm of folk songs at local festivals; they fish, they make wine, they make "tispouro"a traditional drink, they create.

Marmari "floats" between two seas; from the southern gulf of Evia to the Aegean sea.

Its waters are crystal blue, mirroring the sky. Endless beaches bays at the shape of golden half moons, lacy coasts and rocks "formed" by the waves; images of Marmari.

-It combines the salty taste of the sea with thyme; wild flowers with sage.

-It "rests" on natural leeward bays.

-It "breathes" on olive and vineyard smells.

-It spreads from ridges to pathways, from canyons to caves.

-It prays in the picturesque chapel of St. Elias (Ae - Lias) and in the ancient temple of goddess Hera, at the top of mountain Ochi.

Windsurfers, mountaineers, hikers and explorers adore Marmari.

In Marmari, the vastness of the bush reveals a unique world away from the city bustle.

Here, the hands of time stand still.

You will find its romantic and friendly intimacy quite enchanting.

So close and yet so exceptional.

It is the refuge you're always been looking for and it serves any kind of vacation.

Discover it!

Άποψη απο ψηλά


Το Μαρμάρι


Παραλία μεγάλη - χρυσή άμμος


Εκκλησάκι Αγ. Κωνσταντίνου

Το εκκλησάκι του Αγ. Κωνσταντίνου - Άποψη του Μαρμαρίου απο ψηλά


Φαράγγι Αγ. Δημητρίου

κατάληξη στη παραλία Σχινοδαύλειας


Ηλιβασίλεμα στα νησιά


Παραλία Καλλιανού


Φαράγγι Δημοσάρη

Οι Καταράκτες


Endless Beaches

Marmari has countless golden beaches - Fighias, Kokini, Kavos, Chrisi Ammos, Zastani, Likorema, Aghia Irene, Baniera, Rossa, Vasiliko, Schinodavli, Limiona, Varelei, Kaliani.

Here a walk can be filled with the odours of pine trees and wild flowers. You can swim in crystal clear waters which reveal a splendid ocean-bed waiting to be explored.

Marmari is literally surrounded by the emerald-green cosmopolitan islands of Petali and the colourful cliffs which "dive" erotically into the sea. All this composes the rare beauty of the scenery.

Marmari ideally combines holidays with relaxation and is suitable for all tastes because it has been protected and cared for by its inhabitants.

Windsurfing Paradise

There are numerous ways to indulge yourself in the beauty of the crystal sea-water.

Endless hours of fun and relaxation wait for you at the clear waters of the Golden Sand beach. You can choose among windsurfing, water - skiing or even beach -

volley and snorkelling.

Do not, however, be surprised if you find an entirely new beach, when you visit it again. The sea - currents keep transforming the sand - dunes, inviting you to a new challenging adventure.

Discover it!

Marmari: From the modern facilities and the air of the EvoikosGulf. . .

Images are sheer experience!

Natural beauty is not what Marmari has to offer alone; it is enhanced by modern facilities and comfort.

State-of-the-art bungalows and hotels, rooms to let, dozens of local tavernas and "ouzadika" -tavernas where the traditional drink "ouzo" is served- are but a few choices to be made.

Here the daily routine becomes a set of alternate images; at the port one may meet fishermen with sunburnt faces unfolding their fishing nets; in the narrow pathways one can see villagers selling their products; boatmen will gladly take you to the enchanting islands of Petali in their boats.

Here you can swim in crystal-clear waters and you will admire the luxurious villas along the coast. You will have a "touch" of royalty since these islands were the permanent holiday resort of the ex - royal family.

. . . to the wild and sublime beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Marmari is a land where different worlds meet; a land where two seas become one, the Gulf of Evoikos and the Aegean Sea.

The place is characterised by a thought-provoking and active nature. The traveller who wants to be acquainted with the inland, shouldn't "limit" himself to the pleasures of the Gulf only; one should be able to trace the roots of an exceptional human nature fostered by the sublimity of the wild. In a quest through vineyards cherry orchards, olive groves, scents of the mountains and overwhelming canyons, one discovers picturesque hamlets with their own history and culture.

Here the golden coast meets with the wild rocks of Cavo d' Oro.

There are rare plants, forests of chestnut trees, plane - trees and oak - trees; a dozen species of birds are hidden here.

The colourful landscape also presents a great geological interest; from the steep slopes of  MtOchi, the streams lead to the precipitous coast of the Aegean, creating numerous secluded beaches with unique features.

Marmari: Eco-tourism

The Dimosari gorge is of unique natural beauty; It begins at the source of Dimosari river - which is at the summit of mout Giouda (1,386 m), the heart of Ochi. It finishes at Kalianou beach, at the Aegean (10Km/3,5 hours walk). There is a path along the canyon which is partly paved and it goes through the village of Lenosei. This path is shaded by all kinds of tall trees and teems with little ponds, fountains, rare kinds of flowers and thick vegetation Several kinds of birds have chosen the canyon to build their nests. Many of them are threatened with extinction.

The ancient Greeks worshipped mountain Ochi. According to mythology, the union between Hera and Zeus, took place at the top of the mountain, giving it its name. (Ochea=union / copulation).

All this is proven by the presence of the ancient ruins found there, remnants of a peculiar architecture. It is believed that the ruins, were the temple of Hera. This building is a sample of early architecture (1.000 B.C.).

There is a mystery concerning the construction of the building since the gigantic stones that were used weigh several tons each.

And as the sun sets in the horizon, the scarlet colour of the sky is reflected in the sea; the soul relaxes with recollections of unique moments.

The dark veil of the night invites you to a nightlife which promises fun to the sound of both greek and foreign mu

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