A town set amongst the foothills of Mt Ochi in the southernmost part of Evia. A combination of island and mountain countryside, which overlooks the bay of Karystos and gazes at the Cyclades, creating a destination full of surprises and contrasts. A well-built town, with excellent town planning, beautiful neoclassical public buildings, mansions, traditional houses and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

A picturesque harbour with its jetty and a promenade shaded by rows of mulberry trees that will enchant the visitor who will be treated to the delicious delicacies offered by the many traditional cafes and ouzeries. Clean, endless beaches that stretch along the bay, some busy others deserted, which will satisfy any wish for swimming, partying, fishing, diving, sailing, watersports or romantic moments by the sea.

The imposing massif of Mt Ochi, with wooded slopes on its north-east and a landscape typical of the Aegean on its south-west, crossed by impressive gorges, like the Dimossari and lush valleys, such as Platanistos and offering unique opportunities for outdoor activities.


The renowned Dragon House (Drakospito) nestled on the highest peak of Mt Ochi, where the love of Zeus and Hera still hangs in the air. The ancient quarries of Karystian stone. The castles of Castello Rosso and Bourtzi, a reminder of the bloody attacks on the town over the past centuries.

The beautiful villages of Gourna, overlooking the plain of Karystos, with abundant running water and springs, customs and traditions. Fishermen and farmers, quarrymen and merchants, vine-growers, oil-producers and bee-keepers, local people who keep their heart and their door open to the visitor.

A great number of hotels and guest-houses of all categories in the centre of town as well as agro-tourism units in the wider area offer a variety of options to satisfy every need. A summer rich in cultural events with theatre, dance, concerts, beach parties, art exhibitions and festivals.


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