Navy Travel agence

The "Navy Travel agency" in Marmari

Location: Marmari P.C. 34013
Address: Marmari's square
District: Evia Island Greece

Telephone: ++3022240 31341, ++3022240 31693
Managers: Pantelis Andreas


South Evia Tours

South Evia Tours - was established by SET in Karystos - Evia at 1990.

Nowadays is the only travel agency in South Evia. It is open all year round from 9:00 until 23:00. It operates also as ticket agency for the ship itineraries from Marmari to Rafina. Moreover it promotes exclusively the Hotel Zeus in Greek and International Market.

Location: Karystos P.C. 34001
Address: Amalias square 7
District: Evia Island Greece

Telephone: ++3022240 26200, ++3022240 29010
Fax: ++3022240 29011
Managers: Lagonikos Nick

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