The region of Ochi


Karystos is the urban centre of southern Evia and the southernmost city on the island. By road it is 120 kilometres from Halkida. Ochi and the historic castle Castello Rosso form a backdrop behind the city, while the large protected Bay of Karystos lies at its feet. Karystos has 4,663 inhabitants and the municipality that comprises the districts of Aetos, Grambias, Kalyvia, Myloi and Platanistos has a population of 7,016.. (read more about the city of Karystos)


The city of Marmary

Marmari is just 14 kilometres from Karystos on a deep bay facing the Petalioi cluster of islands. The town was probably named after the port from which marble was exported in antiquity. The town is spread out over a picturesque semi-circle and has become a resort that provides an ideal base from which to explore southern Evia. In the summer it is full of life, while in the winter it is transformed into a quiet fishing village. The city of Marmari has 1,116 inhabitants. The municipality, comprising the districts of Aghios Dimitrios, Actaio (Skuasi), Giannitsio, Kallianos and Katsaronios, has approximately 2,536 inhabitants. (read more about the city of Marmari)


The villages of the Kafireas community are at the easternmost tip of Evia around Cape Kafireas. The broader area of the northeastern shores of the Karystia region is known as Cavo d’Oro. Cavo d’Oro is one of the most legendary passages of Mediterranean shipping. Ships travelling to and from the northern and southern Aegean sail through the Kafireas pass between Evia and Andros. The villages of Kafireas were completely isolated until very recently. Roads and electricity were only acquired in the 1980s. The villages are mostly clustered around large valleys that end up in small coves with hidden beaches. The local market town is Amygdalia, which, together with the surrounding villages and communities, has 667 inhabitants.

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