The Archampolis Gorge


The Archampolis Gorge is on the northeast side of Mt Ochi, seven kilometres south of Cape Kafireas. By taking the road from Karystos towards Amygdalia, one encounters Archampolis between the villages of Evangelismos (Dramesi) and Thymi. The small gorge has a unique wild beauty. Sheer sharp rocks tumble around, creating a dramatic landscape that ends up at a small heavenly beach. From above, along the length of the gorge, one can still see the walls of an ancient city, remnants of an ancient civilisation. According the archaeologist Donald R. Keller, during the 6th–7th centuries BC these walls enclosed a settlement and a citadel. Archaeologists claim this was the site of an ancient port with shrines and mines. Traces of rust, visible on the beach and amongst the ruins, confirm the existence of mining-related activities before the site was abandoned.

Flora and Fauna

The Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo bubo), a nocturnal bird of prey, is the size of an eagle.

Rock plants and endemic flora species grow on the steep precipices of the gorge. These harsh rocks and their remote location foster the survival of certain rare birds.Rock partridges, In Archampolis, one may encounter all varieties of “rock and sea”. Many animals of the gorge nest in the caverns and rock cavities.

The Archampolis stream meanders around the rocks.

Rare birds are found here, the Eurasian eagle owl, various species of raptors, the kestrel, the peregrine falcon, etc. Few people come here.

In the dry summer, small pools remain in the rocky bed of the Archampolis Stream.

At quieter moments, one may be lucky enough to see other species, like seals, that require peace and tranquillity.

A view towards Cape Kafireas. Growing amongst the brushwood, savoury, thyme and oregano perfume the air with their volatile oils

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