Settlements of Marmari

The municipality of Marmari is comprised of its homonymous capital, the isles of Petalie and a great number a small settlements most of which bear the names of the old families originating from Greeks from Albania that had populated the up to then deserted Southern Evia during the times of the Venetian and Turkish rule

Keratsoni, Paradisis, Melissonas, Stoupaei, Aghio Dimitrios, Akteo, Giannitsi, Kallianos, Aghios Konstantionos, Likorema, Beach of Figeas, Figeas, Chersonisi, Mamalia, Karaei, Friganeo, Alekses, Chania, Diastavrose, Kissos, Cherodenamos, Galana, Bathaei, Gothe, Vardaei, Varelaei, Vatesio, Rizovouni, Pothi, Logothetis, Babas, Mizides, Goufsides, Agathos, Vlahos, Kalergon, Lenosaei, Sotiras.

Settlement of Paradisi Settlement of Figea Settlement of Likorema

The visit to the settlements of the municipality of Marmari, especially those who are in the inner land, present a great interest. The visitor can observe many facts that point to the past and origins of their habitants. Old buildings, practicing of old traditional crafts - that in other regions have been lost or developed in something else - traditional homemade cooking recipes and much more.

Especially the country style tasteful dishes, we recommended to the visistors to try them out in some of the taverns of the villages. "Goglies" is one of these dishes. A traditional kind of pasta blended together with milk and cooked excellently.These, of course that draw the attention to the visitors are the traces of the many old and newest quarries from which the famous green marble of Southern Evia was drug up and gave its name to the municipality and its capital. This marble has decorated the most ancient and glorious cities of the Mediterranean.

It goes without saying that in the region like Marmari, that uses the sea as one of its great advantages, the visitors can enjoy tasty delicacies coming from the marine fauna that is plentiful in the area. There are a lot of taverns by the sea as much in Marmari as in the surrounding beaches.

Petalie is a picturesque cluster on nine small isles stretching between Kali Akti (Lafia) and Lefki Akti (Paksimadia). Most of the islands are covered by native trees, wild olive trees, cedars, briars etc. There are also several olive trees, while some of them (mostly on the bigger one) there have been planted vines. The name of the islands are: Petalia or Megalo Petali or Rossa, Mikro Petali, Tragonisi or Pontikonisi, Prasso or Platonisis or Platourada, Strogilo or Avgo, Makri or Makronisi, Lemperousa or Lamperousa, Fountas or Founti, Loulouda or Louloudio.

The picturesque islands can be visited by any type of boat, either small or big. Vasiliko, Skala, Mpaniera, Peukaki, Panagia, and Mantria are some of the exotic bays that are accessible only by the sea and are ready to welcome the summer amateur navigators.

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